Lightroom 101 FAQs

Adobe Lightroom is a crazy powerful post-processing program that gives you access to editing tools used by professional photographers all over the world! Lightroom is without a doubt my favourite post production platform BUT there’s no denying it can be a total head scratcher! It’s complicated as hell and tough to navigate. What is Lightroom 101 with Gemma Peanut?

Lightroom 101 with Gemma Peanut is a fluff-free, short and punchy online course that cuts to the chase and gives you everything you need to take flight on your editing journey!

Lightroom 101 is different to Photography 101 as there are no course dates. You get INSTANT ACCESS to the course and can work through the videos at your own pace.

Absolutely! Lifetime Access means you have access to the course materials and videos forever! So you can do the course WHENEVER SUITS YOU! 

Hell yes! LIGHTROOM 101 is perfect for true beginners. Even if you haven’t picked up a DSLR camera before, that’s ok too. If you’re interested in learning more about the foundations of Photography, you can also sign up to my beginner course Photography 101 with Gemma Peanut at

Abso-freakin-lutely! This course is perfect for all photographers that are new to Lightroom.

Not at all! Lightroom is compatible with any camera brand or smartphone.

The great thing about my course is that you can learn from anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an internet connection and a computer or smart phone! The course is all done online via video tutorials, meaning, if you have a spare 20 minutes on the bus on the way to work or time waiting at the dentist, you could watch the videos while you wait! In terms of timing, it will take you a couple of hours to work through the training videos suite, but an infinite amount of time when it comes to practice and fine-tuning your editing style! The time it takes you to work through the exercises varies depending on you as a person. That’s the beauty of online learning. You can rewind, go back, re-watch parts, or zip through certain sections and spend longer on others. So really it’s up to you!

You can waste hours and hours sifting through a sea of YouTube Lightroom tutorials before finding one that is concise and cuts to the chase. I’ve created a course that takes you through my tried and tested editing approach that you can implement straight away!

LIGHTROOM 101 with GEMMA PEANUT is an online e-course. You’ll be streaming a collection of engaging video tutorials to watch and work through.

eCourse is short for electronic course. Which means that essentially you learn online. As mentioned above you’ll be learning from me via a collection of video tutorials. Which also means you have the freedom to learn from anywhere – whether that be in the comfort of your home or poolside in a Mexican villa ! (as long as you have an internet connection of course).

Hit me up at [email protected]. I’d be delighted to help you.

Simply click the ‘forgot my password’ link under the login section and you’ll be able to set up a brand spanking new one!

Why hello my pommy friends! Absolutely! This course is NOT exclusive to Australia, but is available worldwide. As long as you have an internet connection. That’s the beauty of an online course.

Okay don’t panic. First of all check that your internet connection is on and isn’t just having a little moment (like we all know the Internet likes to do). Once you’re sure the Internet is running smoothly, try closing the window and opening the page again and loading the videos. If they still aren’t working, please email [email protected] and we’ll get it sorted once and for all.

100%! I respect your privacy big time just as I would hope other businesses would respect mine.

You can pay with most debit or credit cards, and PayPal.

The course is $120 and all prices are in AUD/Australian dollars.

GST is already included in the course so need to worry about that. Boom!

All you need is a computer/laptop, access to the internet and Lightroom. You will need to install Lightroom but if you’re not ready to buy it, you can sign up for a free trial. Go here to purchase Lightroom or to start the free trial.

Any type of camera or Smartphone (your own or borrowed), internet connection and a notepad.

FOREVER! I want to give you lifetime access to the course materials so that you can continue to learn and grow and to benefit from any upgrades I make to the course. This way if life gets in the way or the timing doesn’t work you can simply login and watch when it is convenient for you. 

We do in virtual spirit as you’ll see my face in the video tutorials however as this is an online e-course we won’t meet in the flesh this time. But who knows what the future will bring!?

The videos are different lengths however generally they vary between 3 – 15 minutes.